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1.I spoke to her for __a______ long time yesterday.

2. She was wearing __an______ old dress.

3. Sarah is __an______ excellent teacher!

4. That’s ____a____ very funny joke.

5. She is ___a_____ really good cook.

6. We have _an_______ exam tomorrow.

7. I have ____an____ appointment at 3:00 PM.

8. She wants ___a_____ puppy for her birthday.

9. I waited for _a_______ hour.

10. The doctor had __a______ friendly smile.

  1. I like      a    blue T-shirt over there better than   x   red one.
  2. Their car does 150 miles      a    hour.
  3. Where’s      the    USB drive I lent you last week?
  4. Do you still live in     x    Bristol?
  5. Is your mother working in    the   old office building?
  6. Carol’s father works as       x    electrician.
  7. The tomatoes are 99 pence      a    kilo.
  8. What do you usually have for   x    breakfast?
  9. Ben has      a     terrible headache.
  10. After this tour you have     x    whole afternoon free to explore the city

What do we usually have for breakfast?

For breakfast We usually have eggs bread and butter ceese and jam.

Whete do I have lunch on Tursday?

I have lunch at home on Tursday?

I have lunch at home on Tursday.

It is 8 oclock in the morning Its time for breakfast. Our family gathers in the dining-room.

My mother gives me bread and butter at half past eigh go to school.At 1 oclock we have lunch.

I usually have lunch at school.

On Tuesday I have lunch with my family.


l’ve got a scarf.

It’s my scarf.

2.Hes’ got a jacket.

It’s his jacet.

3,She’s got a video camera.

It’s her video camera

4.They’ve got sunglasses.

They’re their sunglasses

5.Youve got a computer

it’s your computer

6.we’ve got shorts

they’re our shorts

7.It’s got a tail

It’s its tail

8.They’re got T-shirts.

they’re our T-shirts

9.She’s got a schoolbag

It’s her schoolbag.


This Billy and

this is his dog.

2.This is Mery and

this is her lamb

3.This is pam and and tad and

this is their cat

4.This is me and this

is my bike

5. This is you and this

is my parrot

6.We are Rob and kevin

and this is their snake.

7, This is a robot and this is its head.

8,This is me and this is my kite.

9. This in Kim and Sam and this is our rabbit.

Ex. 12 pg 30

What day is today?

It is Sunday.

Where is my family?

My family is at home.

Where is my father?

He is in the garden.

What is he doing?

He is working in the garden.

What does he grow in the garden?

He grows many flowers and vegetables.

What am I cleaning?

I am cleaning my room.

Where is my sister sitting?

She is sitting at the table.

What do I always do on Sunday?

I clean my room.

What is my sister doing?

She is writing a latter .

Weekend or Leisure Activities

<Watch a moive

<Go to ball game.

<Rent a video.

<Surf the internet.

<Work out.

<Visit friends.

<Stay home.


<Sleep in.

<Play computer games.

<Go out to eat.

<Go dancing.

<Have a party.

<Go to the beach.

What day is today?

Today is Sunday.

Where is my family?

My family is at home.

What is my father doing in the garden?

My father is working.

What does he grow in the garden?

He grows many flowers and vegetables.

What is my mother doing?

She is making a cake.

What does she always do on Sundays?

She always clean her room.

Where am I?

I am my room?

Where is my sister and what is she doing?

She is sitting at the table and She is writing a letter to her friend Kate.

Every evening our family gaters in the living-room.

My mother is sitting on the sofa in front of the TV set.

Every evening at 8 oclock she watches a soap-opera.

My father is sitting in the armchair and reading a news paper.

He does not like soap-operas.

My sister is sitting on the carpet and playing with her cat.

I am playing camputer games.

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