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1.We have a small pencil

2.we have a small pensl

3.We saw a brown bird

4.she watched an niw film

5.we have two big cars

6.We saw five beui birds

7.We have a big red car

8.I saw a littl browen bird,new,smol,cool,red,tall

l`ve got a blue train.

we had a .big lunch,

I want a. new game.

She’s got a big red bike.

He’s got short,black hair.

I’ve got blue eyes.

I like old movies

We’ve got a small car.

There was a big,grey elephant.

she’s got two red shoes.

I’ve got a long brown hair.

He’s got a new toy.

There are three small dogs.

I like my bedroom. There is a brown bed ,there is a bigwardrobe, a small brown  bookcase in my room.There are two small shelves.






I’ve got some new red shoes.

Where’s my old blue T-shirt?

I saw some big spiders.

She’s got a red car.

I want the small purple crayon please.

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