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Ex.1 Grammar

A. 1) My friends are great singers.

2) London is a fantastic city.

3) Polish restaurants are really good.

B. 1) My friends don’t like U2.

2) Are you from the USA.

3) She isn’t Swiss, she’s Italian.

4) Do your brothers like music?

5) Is Julie Roberts Australian?

6) They aren’t British, they’re American.

7) My mother and father don’t like pop music.

C. 1) How old is your brother?
-He is 14.

2) Who is your English teacher?
-Mrs Welch.

3) What are your names?
-I’m Claire and this is Kate.

4) Where are you form?
-I’m from Poland.

Ex.2 Vocabulary

A. 1) Belgium.

2) Bahrain.

3) Italy.

4) Poland.

5) Turkey.

6) Japan.

7) Canada.

B. 1) Belgian.

2) Bahraini.

3) Italian.

4) Polish.

5) Turkish.

6) Japanese.

7) Canadian.

C. 1) -Do you like Paris?

-Yes, it’s a fantastic city.

2)-This film is not very good.

-Yes, you’re right. It’s awful.

3) -We don’t like pizza. It’s terrible.

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